The department of CS&C4 - KВ

"The department of computer software, information technologies"

The faculty of "Computer science and control"

Software engineering

The area of professional activity of our graduates includes: industrial software production for information and computer systems for various purposes

Educational levels



- «Development of software and information systems»
- Normative term of study: 4 years



- «Intelligent information technology engineering»
- Normative term of study: 2 years

Graduate student


- «Computer science and engineering»
- Normative term of study: 4 years full-time, 5 years in absentia

Complete two-level system «4+2».
Elective courses and disciplines are chosen by the student.
Here is completely free training
There is a possibility of obtaining additional qualification.
(a translator in the field of professional communication) in the learinig process.



if you want to come to us, you must pass the exam in Infomatics, Mathematics (profile) and the Russian language.

Practice and employment

Practice is an important part of the educational process, it will help you find yourself in your future profession.

Employers have the opportunity to attract promising personnel to the enterprise.

After each course of study, our students are trained in the leading companies and enterprises of the banking sector of Kaluga and the region, as well as other regions.

Preparatory courses

The KB of BMSTU has organized the courses of improving level of knowledge for pupils in grades 10 and 11.
Details can be obtained by phone:
(4842) 56-26-31.

Targeted training

Training of highly qualified personnel is carried out for the needs of the military-industrial complexwithin the framework of targeted admission.

Military department

Simultaneously with the training in our area of training, young people can be trained in the military department. Students of the 1st course are accepted for training. The duration of military training is 2,5 года for officer and 2 года for a seargant. Education is free. Assigned position: officer, stock sergeant. For the entire period of study at the university students are granted a deferment of conscription.. After graduation, citizens are assigned a military rank with simultaneous transfer to the reserve.


The educational program can be divided into 3 blocks of disciplines: humanitarian, mathematical and professional. Among the professional disciplines can be noted:

  • Big data technologies
  • Data analysis technologies
  • Software testing and debugging
  • Promising programming languages
  • Operating systems
  • Machine learning methods
  • Data base
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Cloud technologies
  • Analysis of algorithms
  • Logic and theory of algorithms

Our graduates

Are able to design, develop software products and software documentation;
manage the team of executors and processes of the software product life cycle;
use modern methods, tools and technologies of software development; work in a team;

Our team

These people will help you to become better!


Competitions and Olympiads

Every year students of our Department become winners and prize-winners of various competitions of regional and Federal importance, take part in Olympiads in Informatics and other disciplines.
Many students receive additional increased scholarships.

Foreign internships

Internships - are an opportunity to gain professional experience abroad.
In 2013 - 2015, our students successfully completed internships in the United States at CISCO, the world leader in telecommunications equipment.

Demand for graduates

Salary of ITD graduate in Kaluga: no work experience - from 25 000 rubles, with work experience - from 40 000 rubles.
Graduates of our department are in demand in the largest IT companies not only in Kaluga, but also in other large cities of Russia, as well as abroad.
50%of students begin to work in the specialty on the 3rd year.
80%% of students have a job by the 4th course.
10% of graduates work remotely, in Moscow, in Russia or abroad.


Tel.:(4842) 574-866, (4842) 575-215

Kaluga, Bachenov str., 2, office.103


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